Monthly Round Table : INSPECTORS

Our February Monthly Round table : Local ome inspectors Jim Boote and Todd Arnold! 

We had a great setting providing an environment for an informative conversation with our local pros!


Detailed home inspection reports are a must for a clear understanding of a property’s condition. Know of any potential error(s) in the future, understand the maintenance of mechanical systems, beware of any red flags the property my have, just to name a few! Who do you hire for a home inspector? Hiring a home inspector for the right reasons is very important. Hiring an inspector who is knowledgeable, protected, and experienced in the industry proves for an accurate report.

What repairs do you choose from the report?

Know the difference between cosmetic repairs vs. serious issues. What to negotiate in a purchase agreement. The influence media has on home buyer has certainly affected their expectations of what they want and can have in their home. Even with new construction, inspections are a must! This is when any potential issues will begin.

What is ASHI? 

American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). This not-for-profit professional association for home inspectors made its first order of business to establish and advocate high standards of practice and a strict code of ethics for the member community.

All ASHI inspectors are put through a series of tests, qualifications, and resources needed to become ASHI certified. These also include continuing education! Did you know not every inspector is ASHI certified? Be sure to do your homework to ensure the quality of work you are hiring!

Click here for more about ASHI

Do you know about the Building Intelligence Center? 

Determining the date of manufacture, production, or the age of HVAC and water heating equipment is always a question. How do you check and how do you know it’s accurate? Thanks to the Building Intelligence Center we are now able to verify the age of HVAC equipment! The Building Intelligence Center has been providing resources to homeowners, home inspectors, realtors, plumbers, and other trades since 2003.  

How the site works:

  1. Go to the appropriate HVAC directory or Water Heater directory depending on the appliance type.
  2. Select (click) the letter the brand in question begins with.
  3. A drop-down list of available brand names beginning with that letter will appear.
  4. Select (click) the specific brand name in question.
  5. The selection will take you to that specific page where one or more examples of serial number styles will be listed on information slide images.

Our next month’s Roun Table March 20th will feature two local APPRAISERS! 

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