Moving Checklist


Suggested steps to take before you move

Paperwork is signed, monies are paid, the keys are now yours; you’ve just bought a new home!

The following is to help with the moving process:


Once you have a determined closing date, call your local utility companies to switch the service into your name the day of closing.  The last thing you want is to have no electricity, water, or gas when you move! Electricity providers can typically start/stop service with one-day notice but it is still recommended setting up utilities ahead of time. Some utilities you may need to set up include: electricity, natural gas, internet, cable, and phone, trash and recycle collection, water, and sewer. 

Organize the Move:

Don’t wait until the last minute to pack or block off a weekend to pack all at once. One of the more complicated parts of buying a home is the actual moving process. Some say you should even give yourself 6 weeks of packing time!  How does one easily relocate their life’s possessions from one home to the other?

Will you be moving yourself or hiring a moving company? One may decide to make multiple trips to save money if the distance to the new home isn’t far. Others have important items needing to be handled with care or muscle. Hiring a moving company to take care of this sets your mind at ease and allows you to prep the new home for your future.

Another crucial part of the moving process is packing your belongings. It’s time to start saving boxes when you start to look for a new home! Why pay extra fees for boxes when you can collect them for free? Now, of course, there are certain items which need to be handled special such as delicate linens, machinery, art, family heirlooms. It is surprising the different types of boxes available for purchase.

When you begin to pack there needs to be an order how the truck will be loaded. Essentially ‘first on last off/last on first off.’ Start with the bathroom to try and keep nightly and morning routines during unpacking. Pack two-three days of clothes separate from your wardrobe to again help your routine until everything and everyone is settled in. Having these essentials set aside allows for a convenient first few nights in the home. You will also want to start to plan your meals around what’s left in your freezer.

Change your Address!

You can file your paperwork to have your address changed online or at your local post office.  When your address is updated by the UPSP either online or in office, the new owners will receive:

Exclusive Mover Savings Get instant access to over $750 in valuable coupons

Safe and Secure Safeguard your information with ID verification by a simple $1.00 charge to your credit or debit card

Email Confirmation Receive an immediate email confirmation of your Change of Local Information, Tools and OffersMake your move complete with exclusive neighborhood deals at Local Information, Tools and Offers Make your move complete with exclusive neighborhood deals at

When you do change your address, let your family and friends know! Create a just moved postcard to send your new address and a picture of your new home to those important in your life.

Change the Locks

If anything for peace of mind. Yes, you were handed the keys but who knows who has a copy of that key!

Cosmetics, Repairs, and Clean, clean, clean!

With an empty house access to repairs i.e. painting, refinishing floors, new carpet, windows, etc. Want to make some updates to the place with fixtures, faucets, molding, lighting? Do it while it’s bare without the risk of damaging your belongings, living in sawdust or paint fumes, as well as making the job easier with nothing in the way.

Learn you Neighborhood and Schools

Take a walk and be sure to introduce yourself to people you pass by. Learn where the best groceries are, live music around town, local festivals, and attractions. The best way to learn is to ask! Enjoy your new city/town/village and all it has to offer!

Get the kiddos registered for school by having the following documentation ready:

  • A birth certificate
  • Proof of guardianship and or custody
  • Proof of residency
  • Record of immunizations
  • Common application
  • Emergency contact forms
  • Former school records

The required documents to enroll your child in a new school may vary depending on the school.