Realtors speak of the value of what Assist My Realtor can do to help them grow their brand.

Read for yourself the benefit your local affiliates have experienced with Assist My Realtor and the Victor Bals Team. Assisting in your business brand and your buyers best home financing strategy.  

“Assist my Realtor has been a huge resource for myself and my business.  It is a one-stop shop where I can go to find all those websites that help with FHA giddiness, FHA/VA/RD approvals, Tax estimates, loan calculators, etc.  I will continue to utilize this FREE website to help streamline my business.  Thank You A.M.R.”

Bill Maniaci, Realtor

We at Keller Williams Brighton are fortunate to have Victor Bals and his team as a preferred lender. Monica Miner, the Marketing Director does an awesome job in assisting with all areas of marketing for Realtors. From training to personal one on one assistance, we couldn’t ask for better. Monica is extremely knowledgeable and what she doesn’t know, she researches, learns and shares.

Colleen Pryslak, Associate Broker

“Assist my realtor is a tool I hope to never have to do without.  I utilize this website daily as there is a variety of real estate resources available all in one bookmark!”

Deanna Semke, Realtor

Monica and the team at Assist My Realtor are invaluable in assisting me to market my business.  I know I can rely on them for guidance on everything from SEO to blog material, social media, you name it.  Monica is the best!

Judy Perry, Realtor

“As a new realtor, I consider myself fortunate to have met Monica of Huron Valley Financial (HVF) and benefit from her invaluable knowledge. Monica is a positive and engaging personality that makes everyone feel important and is always willing to share her expertise of how the mortgage and real estate industries can work together. With her behind “”, I have a resource at my fingertips to find answers to common mortgage questions as well as a handy, co-branded (realtor/HVF) app that allows realtors and clients to calculate mortgage payments and get an idea of how much of a home purchase makes sense for them. Monica and assistmyrealtor have been invaluable to my real estate business.”

Kimberly Hernandez, Realtor

“Assist my Realtor has been instrumental in the success of my brand and business as a whole.  The tools and support that they provide have given me an edge in marketing my properties and added increased value to my clients that I service.  In addition, the rapid communication methods and support to get these systems running have been incredible.”

Kyle Walker, Realtor

Assist My Realtor truly is a game changer when it comes to my business brand in Real Estate. With the co-branded material offered as well as digital marketing, SEO, and social media assistance; they allow me more time to prospect!

Michelle Vedder, Realtor

Vic, Gary, Beth, and Monica at Huron Valley Financial are running a first class operation with all of the assistance they can give to any realtor to make a deal happen. 

 Vic is sharp, knows his stuff like no one else I have ever seen in the mortgage world.  He knows his products inside and out and treats my clients with respect and integrity.  He shows up at closings with a helpful gift for the clients.  Vic and his team are extremely organized like a well-oiled machine.  I am amazed at his organization and everything he is able to get accomplished in a day!

Monica is the tech savvy one of the group.  She does it all from updating the “” website to assisting with flyer graphics and design, helping realtors set up their own website, she is just amazing!  Monica is irreplaceable in her role. She took her laptop home on a Friday night and made sure I knew she was available to do some tweaking on a flyer she designed for me!

The team at Huron Valley Financial is always optimistic and ready to help an definitely an asset to any realtor, especially if you get to work with them at Keller Williams!! 

Vic, Monica, Gary, and Beth thank you for all you do for us, Realtors!!

Mickal Gabler, Realtor

“The is a top notched resource that I refer to on a daily basis.  Their website offers so much useful information that I share with both buyers and sellers.  Also, Monica Miner is an expert in her marketing field and so helpful with co-branding,  Social/Digital Marketing, Website Support. They have helped my business grow and I appreciate them greatly!”

Sherri Grant, Realtor

Monica and the HVF team have been great! Monica’s trainings on how to use our technology to market our business have been invaluable. She knows social media and the KW technology like no one else in our office. The entire HVF team is great to work with. They follow up with clients quickly and get the deal done. HVF offers so much to us at KW and all of their clients and business partners.

Stacy Stimac, Realtor