Time for a Bigger Home

We may grow but our homes do not.  Starter homes are just that, for starters!

Lets take into consideration the benefit of a larger home. 

Of course the amount of space for living and storage; no more elbow bumping or closet overloads when a larger space is available! Well that’s just obvious.  Consider how you most utilize certain spaces in your home then focus on the amount of bedrooms, baths, sq ft. etc.  Do you like to entertain? Can you do so in your current home? Lets consider the possibilities of social gatherings, birthdays, and family holidays in a new and larger home. With that thought Do you like to BBQ for your family and friends? How large of a back yard would you prefer? Try to picture the backyard you’ve wanted for the garden, swing set, patio, grill, etc. 

There’s always the question for young couples; is there a little one planned for the future? This is an obvious reason for a larger home.  Growing families need room. With the thought of a family increasing from 2 to 3 or 4 also comes the thought of the right neighborhood. Change of scenery is a very big factor in choosing a home. Maybe your first home wasn’t in the best neighborhood or school district you’d like for your family. The right neighborhood will prove for your american dream. Quality of life should always be factor. 

Have you had a considerable amount of boost in your income? Now you can afford a larger mortgage? With larger mortgages comes more equity in future investments. Always know the property you purchase will be an investment in your future. Purchasing a larger home in an up and coming community can benefit you financially in the near future. Contact a local real estate professional for market trends and predictions. You may be closer to a payday than you thought! 

Now do you own your current home? Do you need to sell this home before you buy another? Can you buy a home without selling your current home? There are benefits for each transaction whether you sell before you buy or buy before you sell. Looking for these strategies from a professional? Contact Victor Bals Team today for your personal Buy/Sell vs. Sell/Buy Strategy!



Victor Bals Team HVF

Information provided by Victor Bals Team of Huron Valley Financial